The "Tombolo of Dogashima" is a marvelous phenomenon - When the tide is low, the sea water divides into two, and a landbridge leading between the mainland and the island rises out of the waters.

What is the Tombolo?

It is a rare phenomenon in Japan- usually islands are surrounded by the sea, but at low tide, the water retreats, revealing a bridge that was hidden beneath the waters. This only appears in a limited number of terrains and it is said that this phenomenon only occurs in less than 10 places throughout Japan.

The Tombolo of
Sanshirojima Island

The Sanshirojima island comprises four islands located about 200 meters from the mainland. During low tide from spring to early autumn, the tombolo appears and you can walk to the islands by foot.

It is possible to walk to the islands.

When the tombolo phenomenon occurs, you can walk to the Sanshirojima Island. It usually takes about 15 minutes from the mainland to the island. You can also find "tidal pools" on the rocky shores that are perfect for playing with family and friends.


・Please check the low tide times and tidal levels beforehand. You cannot cross when the waves are high.
・During the period of October to February, the tide is not low enough for the Tombolo to appear.
・You will not be able to return to the mainland when the tide starts to rise, so be sure to give yourself enough time to walk back!
・The rocks become very slippery when wet. Please avoid being barefooted or wearing sandals as you might get injured.

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