Hot Spring

In Nishiizu, we have numerous natural hot springs with beautiful sceneries. If hot springs are your thing, you should definitely come to Nishiizu to enjoy these blessings of mother nature.

Hot springs with superb views

In the Dogashima hot spring area, many hotels offer relaxing hot spring bathes with mersmerizing views. You can choose an onsen famous for its sunset views, or an outdoor bath that is located right on a cliff! Some of the hotels open their hot springs even to external guests not staying in the hotel. If hot springs are your thing, you should definitely try bath-hopping in Nishiizu!

Public hot spring facilities

There are five public hot spring facilities in Nishiizu town. Sawada Park is an outdoor bath on a cliff overlooking Suruga Bay, where you can take a bathe while watching the sunset over the horizon. Other hot spring facilities each have their own appeal. We have a bath that is located right beside a beach, where you can use immediately after playing in the sea, and another bath that is located in an abolished school. One of these facilities is bound to be the right one for you!

Hot spring etiquette

・Avoid bathing right after eating or drinking.
・Take off all your clothes at the changing room before you enter the bathroom.
・Wash your body thoroughly with the showers available before entering the bathtub..
・If your hair is long, tie it up and do not allow your hair to touch the bath water..
・Sit while you are using the shower to avoid splashing water on other guests..
・Do not allow your towel to touch the bath water..
・Do not mix other water into the hot spring without permission..
・Photography is strictly prohibited.
・Avoid making loud noises or swimming.
・Wipe your body dry with your towel before going back to the changing room.

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