Nishiizu town is well-known for our sunset. Read on to find out why some even say that Nishiizu is where you can see the best sunset in Japan!

Sunset behind interesting rocks

With many sunset spots, Otago Beach is one of the most well-known locations in Nishiizu. From Otago Beach, you can catch the breathtaking sight of the sun dyeing the interestingly-shaped rocks along the coast red and orange.

Attractive sunset clouds

Although the sunset from Dogashima looks the best on clear days, on cloudy days, you can see a gentler sunset softened by the beautiful sunset clouds.

Fishing port at dusk

When fishing boats return to port with the sunset in the background, their silhouettes stand out against the setting sun, bringing out a nolstalgic atmosphere.


In Nishiizu town, Sunset photography contests and events are frequently held. If you are interested in photography, please bring a camera with you. You can also watch the sunset from a hotel or while taking a bath

Sunset time

Please check the sunset time schedule before you visit if you want to see the sunset. Please understand that depending on the weather, you might not see the sunset.

Sunset times in Nishiizu

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