There are lots of sea and mountain activities for your enjoyment in Nishiizu. We are waiting for you!

Various Activities

Sea kayaking is one of the activities you can enjoy here! Using sit-on type kayaks with excellent stability, you don't need to worry even if you have never experienced riding kayaks in your life!

Scuba diving into the crystal clear ocean and visiting the mysterious caves on a pleasure boat is another exciting and thrilling activity for everyone to enjoy.

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List of activities:
- Fishing on boat - Tombolo tidal pool nature observation - Sunset kayak - Camping - Snorkeling - Geosite tour - Trail running

Featured Experiences

Another exciting experience unique to Nishiizu town is visiting the Katsuobushi (dried bonito) factory known for producing Katsuobushi, a Japanese soul food. After visiting the factory, hop over to Crystal Park Museum or visit local glass makers in Ugusu for a unique glass craft experience. You can make traditional wind chimes and experience blowing glass- activities that have been done for 100 years.

Seasonal events

At the end of summer, we have special events such as Nishiizu Beach Candle Night where 4000 candles are lit along the coast, and Autumn Festival where traditional arts are dedicated for rich crop yields and a large catch of fish.

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