When it comes to food, Nishiizu town is the best of both worlds
fresh ingredients from both the seas and the mountains are readily available in this town. Come to Nishiizu for the authentic Japanese gastronomic experience!


Suruga Bay, the deepest bay in Japan, supplies Nishiizu town with a rich variety of freshly caught seafood. You can't get seafood fresher than those in Nishiizu!


Luxurious sushi made from the freshest local fish are so delicious, the sushi restaurants in Nishiizu are extremely popular with locals as well as tourists.


Donburi, also known as rice bowl, is made by filling a big bowl with white rice and topping it with different ingredients. Donburi is a simple but symbolic food. Seafood donburi is the donburi symbolic to Nishiizu town. You can choose between seafood donburi with various types of seafood piled up like a mountain, or squid donburi made from squid caught right off the bay with a fishing rod.

Soba / Udon

Good water is essential in the creation of tasty soba noodles. In Nishiizu, a stream of clean and tasty water flows from the mountains, establishing perfect conditions for the numerous soba noodle restaurants dotted around the town. Shiokatsuo Udon is another traditional food of Nishiizu town, where shiokatsuo (salted bonito) is served on top of udon noodles.


Fancy having a dessert as a break from all the fun and excitement in Nishiizu town? We recommend the Fujisan (Mt. Fuji) shaved ice, named after it's towering height of more than 20 cm! It is wise to share this dessert with a group of friends. If you are not with a big group, try the Nishiizu Geo Plate, a dessert designed with the image of Koganezaki, pillow lava, and the silica mine.

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